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Champaign, OH:  Tuesday Wake Up!

Good morning, lovely little market customers!!

Here is your weekly Tuesday reminder that the market will close of the week’s orders in one hour, at 8am!!

Have you put your orders in, or are you like me, and are running to do it, right now?

Either way, you still have time…

Cosmic Pam

Old99Farm Market:  Week of February 5th 2024

Hello friends of Old 99 and Equilibrium Acres,

I hope that you and your loved ones are well and enjoying this spring like weather while we have it. Here at the farm we’re making the most of it by getting some field work done ahead of the coming season, clearing some remaining beds, tarping garden blocks to suppress grass and kill weeds in anticipation of planting in the spring, as well as mowing the asparagus patch.

Today marks the first 10 hour day of the year, this means that the plants are going to come out of dormancy and start growing again, very exciting!
This means that the lettuce that we have in the greenhouse as well as the mache in the new hoop house are going to start growing at a faster pace.
We’ll include some mache in this week’s CSA box and have added it to the store. We still have other cold hardy greens from our greenhouse, and storage crops including many potato varieties.

Farm Baked Fresh Frozen 2lb Sourdough, for which Cami has perfected the recipe is available. Please request this a week in advance, cost is $10 per loaf.

We also have put the stoneground flour mill back in service. Whole wheat (Hard Red Winter wheat) and spelt are available now in 1 and 2.5lb jars.

Available this week in the store, asterisks demarcate items in this weeks CSA box:

Arugula, Roquette
Herbs: Sage
Kale: Curly*, Red Russian
Potatoes: Purple, Red, White* and Fingerlings
Sweet Potatoes
Green Swiss Chard *
Asian Cabbage/Tokyo Bekana*

We have beef, pork and chicken (roasters) in the freezers. And eggs.

The subscription plan “Let Me Be Your Farmer” is up and running.

The Winter Harvest Basket is still underway and will run till the end of February, 4 weeks for $120 for 6-8 vegetables per week.

To sign up for either of the above, kindly reach out to us with an email :

Surf to the online store here to place your custom order. Store pick up Thurs 4 to 6 or by arrangement. *

Have a great week,

Adam, Ian and Cami

Statesboro Market2Go:  Greens!

This week we’re highlighting the bountiful bunches of gorgeous greens that are available on Market2Go!

What have you got a taste for this week?

Order before 10 on Tuesday night!

Click to order at Market2Go!

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  There's Still Time to Order Online!

You can order until 6 am on Wed morning Feb 7.

Drive by pickup at the library is Thursday Feb 8 from 4:30-5:30 pm.

If you ordered, we thank you!

Questions? Reply to this email or call/text 479-935-5111.

If you no longer want to order or receive emails about the online market, just scroll down to the very bottom of the email message and click on the blue unsubscribe link.

Stones River Market:  REMINDER -- Still time to get your order in by 10pm


Welcome to the February – Sunday – 4th and Monday – 5th 2024 online Market. Market will close at TONIGHT the 5th at 10pm.

Our Growers have been busy getting ready to start the new season.
Several Growers have updated their inventories and adding new items.

Please note we have change our Market hours slightly. Please pickup your orders from 4:15 to 5:30pm.

We will NOT be able to offer Delivery Service this week. You are welcome to contact us if we can
make a different day arrangement, traffic and darkness has been hindering our delivering.

Reminder: You can always check the Market when it is closed, most the Growers update or add new items
during the week, you can get your list ready for Sunday Morning when Market opens.

Growers with items this week, subject to change:

Arrington Bread Co
Backyard Tailz
Calico Farms
Carole’s Herbs (CS3 Farms)
D B Collectibles
Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
East Fork Farm/ Worm Castings & Luffa
Flying S Farms
Heath Homespun
Lavendar Cottage
M&S Farms
Oakview Farm
Periwinkle and Pine Co
Pinky’s Micros
Quarter Spring Farm
Quinn’s Mercantile
RC Farms TN
Safe & Sound Soap Co.
Singing Bee Honey
Sow’s Ear Piggery
Sunshine Farms
Sweet Beets Farm
Tailwynds Farm
The Natural Nook
Triple LLL Farm
Valley View Farm and Garden
Yentz Family Farm

Growers News:

Get your ‘Valentine’ orders in for next week, we will have Market just don’t want you to be late sharing your love with your love ones!

Safe & Sound Soap Co.:
Introducing my newest Car Vent Air Fresheners! I wanted to create a line of car fresheners that I could sell to y’all at a cheaper price point. I used high quality fragrance oils that are vegan and toxin free!! These scents are amazing and I’m so excited for y’all to try them. They are $10 and each freshener will last two weeks or more in your vehicle! I have 3 classic scents and three Valentines Day scents.
For the classic scents I have:
Creamy Coconut
Leather and Bark
Laundry Day

And for the Valentine’s Day scents I have:
Cashmere Date
Almond milk and Blossoms
Forest Musk

Calico Farms: Trying to increase your protein intake this year? Go nuts! Be sure to check out our spicy herbed mixed nuts & sweet & spicy pecans – a mouth watering snack straight out of the resealable bag, thrown in chicken salad, or topping your favorite mixed greens.

When it’s this cold outside…it’s definitely tea time. Check out our organic house-blended teas (all delicious hot or iced!): Peppermint hibiscus, Bed time, Immune support & Summertime fruits. We also have in-mug tea steepers to go along with these loose teas to get more bang for your buck than the ball-style steepers because they allow the tea leaves to completely open up, meaning you can use less tea per brew!

If you’re looking to pamper yourself or someone else this this Valentine’s Day, consider our wellness products like our herbal bath tea & shower steamers. They are the perfect way to add aromatherapy to your daily routine.

M&S Farms: ANNOUCEMENT….we have lowered the prices of our beef so we can fill up our freezers for Spring.

Backyard Tailz: find our products in Gardens and Yards!
New item this week: Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Heart Bird Seed Ornaments! Show the bird lover in your life a little love this year by making their backyard the favorite in the neighborhood. Solid sunflower chips and cayenne pepper means no mess and (hopefully) no squirrels. Combine them with a Giant Cupcake Seed Cylinder for the ultimate gift and backyard bird feast.

Also available Giant Cupcake Seed Cylinder with Hanging Basket, Bird Seed Cylinder – Just Nuts no Waste, Just Berry Fruit, Woodpecker Snack, Bird Seed Wreath – Just Nuts No Waste, Nut Berry Fruit, Woodpecker Snack, Suet Balls – Blueberry Sunflower, Cayenne, Cranberry Sunflower, P-Nutty and Nice, Blueberry Sunflower, Cayenne, Cranberry Sunflower and P-Nutty and Nice.

Triple LLL Farm: We have several ‘New Year Pork Packages’ along with single cuts of Pork Products: Center Cut Pork Chops, Chicken Soup Kits, Pork Cutlets, Seasoned Jowl and Boneless Pork Chops…..This week we have newly added Specials on Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks.

Yentz Family Farm: Needing snacks for Superbowl Sunday (or really any day ending in -y :) We’ve got you covered with 3 types of cookies this week & all freeze incredibly well, scouts’ honor! Choose from: Strawberry thumbprint, maple sea salt & snickerdoodles. All are organic & dairy-free, too.

We have 4 types of nuts to fill those snack bowls or boards: Cinnamon pecans, regular & extra spicy herbed mixed nuts (if you haven’t tried these yet, they’re unlike any nuts you’ve ever had – cooling herbs with a tasty cayenne kick) & sweet & spicy pecans. All packaged in 10 oz resealable bags making them great for on-the-go or a quick unique gift.

Last, but not least, is our wildly popular vanilla extract made with organic Madagascar vanilla beans & aged for a minimum of 2 months. It’s sure to make any baked goods THAT much yummier. Also a great Valentine’s day present for your favorite baker.

Lavender Cottage: We are excited to be adding a few more new items. Some seasoning mixes as well as a new powder to our line up. With Valentines just aroud the corner don’t forget to order some freeze dried sweets for your sweetheart!

Tailwinds Farm: We have been busy these past couple weeks on our farm with kidding and lambing season starting. We are also preparing for this spring and summer ordering, working our plant bed to bring more delicious farm fresh good available to our customers. We have some newer cuts of beef one is our – One Bone Tomahawk steaks we have had great customer reviews on these steaks. We are currently running a SALE on Ribeyes and Sirloins. We have also added a few of our baked goodies we make all of these from scratch when we get an order. Give one a try we do not think you will be disappointed. Thank you for supporting your local farmers. Tailwinds Farm.

Carole’s Herbs (CS3 Farms): Welcome to the post subarctic blast. I am writing this email before our hilly sheet of ice road has melted having faith the much warmer temps will melt the shady spots by Wednesday. We have freshly made elderberry syrup and plenty of elderberry spilanthes tincture to fight the colds. We use the tincture daily to keep any viruses at bay. They come in 4oz and 2oz sizes.

Pink’s Micros:
This is our WINTER microgren blend! Every season we create new blends to represent the time of year. OUR WINTER blend has ’YELLOW BEETS, RED PAC CHOI, IGLOO CAULIFLOWER and CURLY WATERCRESS.

What better way to start the New Year than with highly nutritional greens called Mirogreens? They pack 40 to 100% more vital nutrients than the adult verion. We grow organically with NON-GMO seeds and nutrient-dense soil. We look forward to providing the best for you in 2024.

NashPhilly: Be sure to stock up with your favorites, Find our Items in Noodles, Pasta & Italian Sauses, Season Side Dishes and in the Soup Section:

Soup season is here and I added a new soup, a hearty Manhattan clam chowder. Filled with juicy clams and tomatoes, chunky potatoes and carrots. Sure to warm you right up!

Some more hearty and warm dishes are my green bean casserole. And I am now making chicken rosemary pot pie. The casserole is sure to be a delightful side to any dish. I make my own cream of mushroom soup for this and finish it with Parmigiano cheese. The pot pie is what you would be expecting loaded with peas, carrots, potato with the added flavor of rosemary. Puff pastry is laid on top and acts as the pie crust.

Finally if you haven’t had a Philly cheese steaks in a while. Try one of mine! 100% 1/2 pound of rib eye meat, delicious homemade cheese wiz sauce, sautéed onions, red bell peppers, and mushrooms. Sure to be one of the best sandwiches you have ever had!

D.B. Collectables: We will still have cold weather next few months. Help ward off those chills with these warm hat and scarf sets. The hats are knitted, and the scarves are woven or knitted.

RC Farms TN: Few new items this week, Breaded Okra, Breaded Green Tomatoes, Broccoli Casserole, Brunswick Stew.

Flying S Farms: Fresh Farm Eggs Special: Bundle of 3 dozen discounted price or by the dozen. Sour Dough Breads, Friendship Breads, we have added a new Friendship Bread ‘Butterscotch’ to our inventory! Along with delicious Brownies, Biscuits and Jams to name of few.

We will be looking forward seeing you “On the Porch or At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile WEDNESDAY, February 7th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm, please note time change, please contact the Manager if you are unable to pick up your order or are running late, please phone, email or text the Manager (615.542.1078) so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.

We will always try and reach you as a reminder about your order, we can make arrangements for you to get your order to you. “If we do not hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount of your order”". We still need to pay our Growers for their products.

Due to darkness and traffic, we will NOT be able to offer Delivery Service for after market at this time, but you are welcome to contact us and make arrangement for a time the next day.

How to contact us:
locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on the corner of Spring and Lytle.

Siloam Springs, AR:  The Online Market is Open!

An early spring is coming! Nothing says spring like a grabbing a dozen eggs from Payne Family Farms! We have plenty of other products on our online market to keep you stocked through the off season! Pick up for your online orders will be available on Saturday mornings from 9am-10:30am in the Moss House. See you this Saturday!

Lathemtown Farm Fresh Market:  This Week at the Market

Seeds are going in trays this week and the greenhouse will be soon coming alive with the hopes of spring! As always we will have lots of squash, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and so much more! Hopefully, this year we will not have a late freeze so the fruit trees will survive! It’s been a while since the plums, peaches and pears produced fruit!
p. Back by request are the Lavender Lemon Cookies! We will keep these on the market every week now. If there is anything else that you’ve missed let me know and I’ll get it back on the rotation!

Have a great week!

Farmher Chef Amy

Frontier Farms:  Good non-frosty morning!

the groundhog said early spring, I say spring will get here on march 19th. We will see who is correct.

Champaign, OH:  That Monday Morning Mania!

Good morning, and here we are, right at the start of a Monday morning…the new week, the frantic pace, the overload of thoughts for the week…

Now, imagine you, calmly ordering all the goodness from the market, at your leisure. Having all of the items you may need, all ordered, and ready for a Thursday pick up…sounds dreamy, right?

Also, Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and you may need extra items for that evening, so Thursday would be the perfect time to pick those up, as well…

This calmness is not a Monday dream…it’s a market reality…the products, the vendors, the amazing feeling of keeping it all local, and you, not fighting the big box shopping madness…

I sit by and watch the river flow
I sit by and watch the traffic go
Imagine something of your very own
Something you can have and hold
I’d build a road in gold
Just to have some dreaming…

I even threw in a song implant to take you on your way to a dreamy Monday…

Cosmic Pam

Foothills Market:  The Market is Open!

Our next pickup date for Foothills Market is less than a week before Valentines’ Day, so this week we will feature items you might use for a special celebration of love!

Maybe you’d like to prepare a special meal, with a nice steak. We have ribeyes and t-bones, as well as greens for salad or a side dish, along with a pan of yeast rolls. Or maybe you’d like to give a treat of cookies or candy to someone special (or yourself!) – Spicer Farms is offering Sweetheart Candy Cookies this week.

Browse the market between now and Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Select the items you want, then click the “place your order” button to finalize the order. We’ll have your items ready for pickup Thursday afternoon.

Eat something fresh this week!