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squash browns

From Village Community Market

<p>Lots and lots of squash one season, led to this delicious squash brown recipe. Instead of hashbrowns for breakfast fry you up some squash browns.</p>
Source: Loretta Elmore Beriehill Farms (Entered by Scott & Loretta Elmore)
Serves: depends on how much squash you have

yellow squash
an egg or two
a couple of tablespoons of flour
diced onion

Step by Step Instructions
  1. grate squash, how ever much you think you need, then add an egg or two, then put a tablespoon or two of flour, add diced onion if you like onion, + whatever seasoning you like.
  2. all ingredents depend on how much you intend to make. you can't hardly go wrong. I use the dump method, I keep dumping untill I think it looks right.
  3. heat some oil in a pan and place sqush mix in hot oil in hashbrown shape piles and cook untill brown on each side. Drain on paper towel and enjoy, These are great for any meal.